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The 7th International Antonín Dvořák Composition Competition 2016
Final Round Results

             The International Antonín Dvořák Composition Competition announces the results of the final
             round of judging for 2016 as follows:

               A.  Junior Group

                   1st prize : Ching-Shan Chang (Taiwan)
                   (granted by Samjin LND Co., LTD.)

                   2nd prize : Jurica Hrenić
                   (granted by Lee Brothers & Co., LTD)

                   3rd prize : Lidiia-Mariia Koshevaia (Russia)
                   (granted by NEXEN TIRE)

               B.  Senior Group

                   1st prize : Robert Christoph Bauer (German)
                   (granted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic)

                   2nd prize : Julian Bennett Holmes (USA)
                   (granted by Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., LTD)

                   3rd prize : Jiyeon, Hahn (South Korea)

                   (granted by PLAKOR Co., LTD)

               C.  Special Prize 

                 The best Variation : Ching-Shan Chang (Taiwan)
                 (granted by JUNIKA GmbH.)

                 The best Fuga : Robert Christoph Bauer (German)
                 (granted by Antonín Dvořák's Family and Villa Rusalka)

                 The best Passacaglia: Matteo Cristofori (Italy)
                 (granted by Sangwon Structural Eng)

                 The best Free composition among Junior participants : Jurica Hrenić (Croatia)
                 (granted by Seouloratorio & Orchestra)

                 The best Free composition among Senior participants : Julian Bennett Holmes (USA)
                 (granted by The Prague Conservatoire)

                 For the best Orchestra music : Ling-Hsuan Huang (Taiwan)
                 (granted by Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies)

                 For the best Tonal music : Ching-Shan Chang (Taiwan)
                 (granted by Antonín Dvořák Society)

                 For the best Chamber music : Jiyeon, Hahn (South Korea)
                 (granted by Donghee Industrial Co., LTD. in Korea)

                 For the best Religious vocal music : Mana Hirano (Japan)
                 (granted by The Embassy of the republic of Korea in Prague)

                 For the best music based upon Antonín Dvořák's Music among Junior participants: Jurica Hrenić (Croatia)
                 (granted by Antonín Dvořák Memorial at Vysoká u Příbrami)

                 For the best music based upon Antonín Dvořák's Music among Senior participants: George Stevenson (Great Britain)
                 (granted by Antonín Dvořák Society)

           The International Antonín Dvořák Composition Competition will do its best to continue to seek out and support able
           composers world-wide. We hope to see those of you who were not selected next year with even more outstanding
           compositions. Thank you.
           1, August 2016

nternational Antonín Dvořák Composition Competition Committee
           President. Antonín Dvořák III
           Director. Choi, Young Chul


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